Sri Lankan Ambassador A Fraud?

By Raisa Wickrematunge

Amarasinghe appears on the UK electoral roll and Ivan Amarasinghe

Representing country overseas undoubtedly has its plus points. Being an ambassador necessitates being a symbol of sorts of the country you represent — a good, law-abiding citizen. Unfortunately, it is looking increasingly likely that one of our own ambassadors has indulged in a little law bending (or perhaps just taken advantage of the ubiquitous red tape in government organisations.)
The recent string of political appointments as ambassadors to our missions overseas included the appointment of Ivan Amarasinghe. Kalahe Gamage Ivan Amarasinghe was appointed Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Vietnam in September 2009, during the tenure of former Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama.
Investigations by The Sunday Leader reveal that Amarasinghe obtained a Sri Lankan Diplomatic Passport on October 5, 2009 (Passport number D3642465). Amarasinghe was not a dual citizen of Sri Lanka as of that date or hitherto, according to records available at the Department of Immigration and Emigration, The Sunday Leader reliably learns. He was issued a diplomatic passport to enable him to take up his position as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Vietnam by the Immigration Department in accordance with a letter provided by the Overseas Administration Division (OAD) of the Ministry of External Affairs. It is reliably learned that Amarasinghe produced a M series (ordinary) passport at the point of obtaining his DPL passport.

A Twist In The Tale
So far, nothing at all amiss. Yet, we have now learned that this was far from the end of the story. For according to the curriculum vitae submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs when his appointment was made, Amarasinghe claimed that he migrated to the United Kingdom in 1973 with his wife Amara Nanayakkara. Amarasinghe and his wife have three children, Theshanka, Eresha and Kapila, all of whom are British Citizens and currently reside at No. 6, Constable Close, Neath Hill, Milton Keynes, UK. Amarasinghe’s wife Amara was formerly a British civil servant, The Sunday Leader learns.
Most importantly, the entire Amarasinghe family is listed as being on the UK electoral roll in Milton Keynes in 2004-2005 and most recently in 2009, as registered voters. (See directory information montage)  According to the Sri Lanka’s Citizenship Act of 1948 a person ceases to be a citizen of Sri Lanka at the moment of accruing a citizenship of another country. In the event this happens, it is mandatory that such an individual informs immigration authorities immediately, in order to have his Sri Lankan citizenship revoked.
Which brings us to the very interesting question — if Amarasinghe is indeed a Sri Lankan citizen, as he claims, how is it that he and his family are listed on the UK electoral roll? For that matter, how is it that he has a residence in Milton Keynes? This points to one of two scenarios. Either a foreign national was awarded a senior diplomatic position, which is unheard of, or Amarasinghe obtained his British citizenship and fraudulently (or conveniently) forgot to inform the authorities of this important fact.  According to Sri Lankan immigration law, Amarasinghe has committed immigration fraud in Sri Lanka by not revealing his actual citizenship status. Furthermore Amarasinghe as a citizen of the UK has no doubt committed a serious crime under British law, by virtue of having obtained a travel document from a country in which he does not hold citizenship through fraudulent means.
Amarasinghe’s case is unprecedented in Sri Lankan diplomatic history. He has obtained his travel documents fraudulently and furthermore deceived not only the Sri Lankan government but also the host government of Vietnam.

Worse than Karuna
The last time such a scandal occurred with regard to the issue of Diplomatic Passports was when former LTTE Eastern Commander Karuna Amman alias Vinyagamoorthy Muralidharan was issued a DPL passport to attend a conference in 2007. At least at that time, immigration officials were sure Karuna was a Sri Lankan citizen. Sneaking through the High Posts Committee further exacerbating the scandal involving Amarasinghe’s immigration fraud, parliamentary sources confirmed to The Sunday Leader that his appointment as Ambassador to Vietnam was never ratified by the Parliamentary High Posts Committee, a mandatory requirement for all Sri Lankan ambassadors / high commissioners appointed to foreign capitals.
Parliamentary sources told The Sunday Leader that had Amarasinghe appeared before the High Posts Committee all these issues would have been raised and made public prior to his taking up appointment in Vietnam. Amarasinghe’s failure to appear before the High Posts Committee is a serious breach of procedure, but one that is overlooked often in this age of political appointments. However, Amarasinghe’s complete lack of regard for immigration laws underscores the importance of the whetting process undertaken by bodies such as the High Posts Committee. The Committee’s intervention may have brought to light Amarasinghe’s previous track record in government positions, and raised red flags for the External Affairs Ministry and the Sri Lankan government as a whole.

Controversy and irregularities are nothing new to Amarasinghe, who was embroiled in a financial scandal a few years ago, when he held the position of chairman, National Institute of Fisheries and Nautical Engineering (NIFNE). The Sunday Leader reported exclusively on July 22, 2007 in a story entitled “COPE Stunned By Sinking Fisheries Institute” that the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) then headed by MP Wijayadasa Rajapakse had faulted Amarasinghe on 12 serious counts which included financial irregularity, abuse of power and even allegations of sexual misconduct.
“What transpired before COPE had been so serious that members of the committee had felt bold enough to declare that though COPE had summoned institutional heads for querying purposes, they have never met someone this inefficient or come across an institution that is so badly managed as NIFNE,” The Sunday Leader article reads. However, most COPE investigations were stopped in their tracks after President Mahinda Rajapaksa prorogued parliament and dissolved the committee, which was in the process of bringing several government agencies to book.
Given the nature of these accusations, The Sunday Leader contacted Ivan Amarasinghe at his office in Vietnam, to hear his side of the story. Replying to our queries regarding his citizenship, Amarasinghe said that he had never had dual citizenship, and had always been a Sri Lankan citizen. Amarasinghe added that there was a copy of his Sri Lankan passport with the External Affairs Ministry as proof of this.
However, when The Sunday Leader called Amarasinghe back for a clarification about his presence on the UK electoral roll for 2009, his personal secretary said that Amarasinghe “was not ready to talk.”  This reticence is odd, to say the least — unless, of course, Amarasinghe felt he had something to hide. Certainly, there remain many unanswered questions. Of course, given Amarasinghe’s political connections, it is likely that he will move swiftly to obtain dual citizenship status as soon as this article appears in print. However it would bode well for the External Affairs Ministry to take steps to authenticate claims made by prospective appointees in order to prevent embarrassment for Sri Lanka in the eyes of a host government and the diplomatic community at large by the actions of dubious individuals appointed to high office in the Sri Lankan government sector.

68 Comments for “Sri Lankan Ambassador A Fraud?”

  1. raymond

    There is no way out for Ivan. He has to obtain dual citizenship ASAP or get our King’s blessings to come up with a cock and bull story!!

    • Randy Mathew


    • padadasa

      actually, to be on the electoral roll of the UK, you need not be a UK citizen. you only have to be a permanent resident. i.e. Ivan could be a Sri Lankan citizen with a british visa (not a passport) while his children and wife are either uk citizens or dual citizens or they may all be just residents of the UK.

      EDITORIAL ETHICS, published in this very newspaper , on this very week would compel you to have checked this fact with Ivan before crying foul

    • panti hora

      a simple google check would have told you that to be on the UK electoral list, you don’t have to be a citizen.

      oweeeeee dear….. how embarrassing for this newspaper. one blunder after the next

  2. Randi

    Do we have any leaders, politicians, and high officials who are honest?
    It seems everyone is out to make a quick buck, or scam the country.
    What hope does our country have with people like this?

  3. Parakrama Gunasekera

    Check whether he has a PhD. He says it is from ENgland.

    Ivan was working as a laboratary Assistance at Rubber Research Institute and later at the Sri jayawardanapura University. (Vidyodaya at that time). This is where he met the Presdident.

    Later he he went to England.

    • Puran

      The Midas touch? Strange how a casual meeting with the Maharajah many years ago can have a life and fortune change in ones life.

      take for Instance Sajin, a caual meeting many years ago in some M E country and helpwith his “not from England” and a laboratory assistant at the Rubber research Inst he will have Mr’s pardon forgiveness.

      Strange that one does not have to be a citizen of the UK to register as a voter. Kudu Lal must be a reegistered voter in the U K a la Silva.


    • Was MR a student at Vidyodaya?
      I thought that he did not attend a University!

  4. Bruz

    Oh..come on, don’t worry too much about this little fraudster.There are many big time
    fraudulant characters in overseas missions. War time “hero”s, guys with VIP connections, alleged war crime ‘heros’ etc.,Mostly boot lickers get positions in foreign missions and who cares about SLankas reputation, it’s already gone.
    This is what happens when jokers & boot lickers are appointed.But one should remember who is ruling the country first ! No wonder.

  5. bandula r.

    ask anyone at SL embassy London this fellow has even gone to check the ambassador office there thinking HE will make him UK ambassador. that would be really historical for a uk national to be made sri lanka ambassador to the same country!!!!!!

  6. ishani

    are you asleep GL????!!!?????/

    • sam silva

      Ishani….No, GL is getting ready to go into the home for the aged/retirement village..Long over due though..Good riddance.

    • gamarala

      GLPeiris must be aware of this, but he has to keep mum and not ‘rock the boat’ to keep his own job. We all know GLP’s history of jumping from one government to another – he is the Chief Whitewasher now, of this regime.
      Amerasinghe appears to be one of those who escaped COPE probes, else, he would not have become a diplomat.

  7. Ranbada

    good work raisa and the LEader. Opposition should raise this issue and take it forward. why did he not go to parliament?

  8. bash

    Fraudsters running this country top to bottom, honest men put to jail by kangaroo courts without jurisdiction

  9. Mahasen R

    Is GL blind to these nonsense..At least after Boggols left we thought such buffoonery won’t happen at the foreign ministry.

  10. Rajiva Nanayakkara

    The foreign ministry is a joke. Don’t they check whether a person is a citizen or not before sending them as ambassadors..i wonder whether this is a world’s first? Sunday Leader please find out whether it has ever happened before where a non citizen has been appointed to represent a democracy? the Sunday Leader should ask for explanation from the foreign ministry..who is responsible for these embarrassing blunders which make sri lanka a laughing stock in the world?

  11. Roger S

    What happened to our foreign service? we once had honest, competent diplomats who would have been a match to any foreigner? Kadirgama must be turning in his grave

  12. Dharshana

    This guy is a joke amoung sri lankans in england because he wont ever stop talking about his concetions to the king ..will the king do anything when he figures that this character is a loyal subject of the queen..he he

  13. hamlet

    How were MRs brothers working in the USA if they were not US citizens? And how do they now hold Ministerial positions in the Sri Lanka Government?

  14. CheeLanka

    It is well known (and accepted, too) that diplomats lie overseas for their country. But this Ivan fellow has now been caught lying TO his country. He should be investigated, stripped of his exalted (and undeserving) high position and then prosecuted for misleading the state through deception.

    Here is another Mahath-Hora. Lanka seems to be full of these types!

  15. Srilanka country of no law

    Srilanka is a “country of no law” from bottom to top, any body can do what he wants if he or she is a knowing man or woman to them. Foolish uneducated administration only want to be in power .

  16. Randy Mathew


  17. Kushini Kullekarandi

    No doubt some career diplomat or someone working in the embassy in vietnam felt threatenend enough to backstab the ambassador in this nature. Who cares what citizen he is? He is a born Sri Lankan who has many ideas to implement in the embassy. It is the career diplomats and others who hide behind red tape and never do an honest day’s work and those who hate change which they fear may require them to work who backstab their own ambassadors and feed irrelevant news to tabloids.

  18. Even this laws are useless if he done a good job for country. Ratwatte appointed as diplomat.What more to learn from Srilanka.

  19. Md

    I think the researchers of the Sunday leader should get their facts straight before making such illl informed and controversial statements. Ivan being solely a Sri lankan citizen can be on the uks electoral register without having british nationality. Since he is a citizen of Sri Lanka and probably has a uk permanent residence visa he is entitled to vote in the uk since Sri Lanka is a commonwealth country. Sort it out Sunday leader!!

    • srs

      well said!!!

      u dont have to be a uk citizen to vote in the UK..

      If you managed to find their details in the electoral list, I’m pretty sure you can find out who is eligible to vote as well…

      Do your research properly before printing articles based on lies..

      shame on you!

  20. kabbius

    Why is this news?
    Is he the only one who has lied at an interview to get a job?
    Or accused of being not good at a previous job?
    Is Raisa being desperate?

  21. Charles

    The only ‘evidence’ that he is a UK citizen is that his name appears on the voters list. Just make sure that it is a requirement in the UK to be a citizen to get into the voters list.




    Kushini can you mention one good thing he has done since going to Vietnam. He is only interested in waving his diplomatic passport (godayate magic) and expecting VIP lounges around the world to open their doors at his behest.
    He has proved to be a diplomatic clown and the laughing stock of the diplomatic community in Vietnam.

    • Citizen of a Foreign Country

      Good Job, not only this guy , most of Srilankan VIP`s in Diplomatic Field of this foolish Srilankan Uneducated Government are same as this guy. Even some “VIP Diplomats” maintaine by the Srilankan government are working in Eating Houses, Restaurents, as minor labourers and earn under the table, because they have no sufficient background or qualifications to bear :Diplomatic Jobs”, and only qualification they have is either they are relations of the President Family or the Foreign Minister`s family.

    • Kushini Kullekarandi

      I can mention several. But I am not going to. The only contention in this article is that involving his citizenship and his past record. It doesn’t say about his performance as an ambassador in Vietnam, ostensibly to protect their backstabbing source within the embassy.
      Coordinating with Economic Dev. ministry,Vietnam is looking at developing some joint production ventures. Amarasinghe is coordinating this.

      • Rekha Medawake

        Kushini, why don’t you mention a few good things this clown has done in Vietnam? I would be very interested to hear them.
        Ivan could have easily avoided this exposure if only he had taken the journalist’s call for clarification. “Not ready to talk”…. casts suspicion on him. Don’t you think? Not to worry folks, his left ball the king will bail him out and all this stink will go away!

        • Kushini Kullekarandi

          This is where you are wrong. A man doesn’t have to prove his innocence. In SL you have to prove guilt. The whole article is based on the fact that he is on a British Electoral list… but you don’t have to hold British citizenship for that.

          I reiterate our embassies are full of INCOMPETENT and self serving ‘career’ diplomat who band together to backstab any political appointee. Do you think the Sunday Leader suddenly thought, let’s go and see whether this ambassador’s name is on this electoral list? It was fed to the Sunday Leader by a backstabber in the Vietnamese embassy who has been working hard to discredit this man and put a spanner in everything he attempts to do. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard about the joint venture talks that are going on?

        • Rekha Medawake

          Hey Kushini: the man was found GUILTY on 12 counts!!! financial irregularity, abuse of power, sexual misconduct…. and the list goes on. The COPE report states they have never met someone this inefficient. WOW! And guess what – the king comes along and stops the investigation. Why???
          So then what’s this about his innocence??? I think the good journalists at the Leader follow up on scoundrels like Ivan….and in that process discovered yet another irregularity – after all, irregularities are nothing new to Ivan – right? And i am sure they will get to the bottom of his current claims of not being a UK citizen!
          So stop defending the likes of Ivan! Unless you are a bird of his feather??
          Well done Raisa, well done The Leader!
          PS: I wonder if his sexual misconduct is the reason his wife chooses to live in the UK?? hmmm?

  23. Ram

    As usual Sunday leader looking for another garbage .

  24. Murugs

    It’s no big deal, lying I mean.Diplomats lies diplomatically.So what ?
    He is surely better than Daluwatte uncle,Jagath Dias or other ‘war’ time
    zero’s, I mean heros. Besides these appoinments are made in “heaven”
    and not by GL.Peiris or Bo(ru)gollagama for that matter. Messengers cannot be blamed .If MR didn’t care about this, why should we get upset ? Don’t we know how the government is run & who the ruler is ? Just keep watching & be quiet.

  25. Kumar Senaratne

    Raisa seem to have got coaught at “silly point”, as he or she claims that Ivan produced a M series passport in order to get a Diplomatic passport. The writer does not say that this M series passport is a British passport or a Sri Lankan. If Raisa stated that M series passport was a British then a child could have believed this bed time story. Obviously M is a recent series of Sri Lankan passports. If this M series passport is a Sri Lankan passport it appears that Ivan has been a Sri Lankan once again before he became a diplomat. So there is nothing wrong if he changed his nationality to Sri Lankan once again.

    Dr. Ivan Amarasinghe as Ambassador to Vietnam does a decent job and is well respected among the diplomatic community & the Sri Lankan community here.

    • Rajesh Kuhanesan

      Let’s assume Raisa did her home work before the publication. Knowing her work, I’ll trust her. Ivan is somebody I heard about, but not sure whether he had a British passport. I have just completed my PhD in Agricultural Research but I never knew he had a similar one. I can’t find any articles published under his name in any database. How would somebody do a PhD with no publications in international journals? But this is not an isolated incidence. I know people who went to universty with me in Colombo who did very shady MBA’s in London and now holding very responsible ministerial positions. There are also people like notorius Rohan Perera married to a famous actress, living in London illegally. He had a diplomatic passport from one minister on national security but he doesn’t work now. There are also other people and I can give a list of shady deeds of each political party.

  26. sinha

    in the first place if this man was one found guilty by the COPE why did the government reappoint him to another government position? such individuals should be better processed by the system

  27. Ahamed

    Myself and my family are dual citizen and as far as I know that one has to be a CommomWealth Citizen to be on the British electoral register of the UK. There are other catergories of people also included in the register, for example, a EU Ctitizen etc apart from a British National. A person being in the electoral register doesn’t always mean that the person is British Citizen. I hope this clears up the misunderstanding of the case in point.

  28. gamaya

    Whatever it is you don’t have to be a British Citizen to be in UK register. It is a fact whether one believes it or not. Labour governments changed the law so immigrants can vote. Most immigrants are traditional labour/lib dem voters. That explains why most MPS where Tamil immigrants are the majority in UK were supporting pro LTET demonstrations and even attending PRO LTTE meetings last few years. Votes counts.

  29. Sarandeebiyy

    All Commonwealth citizens, no matter what country they are citizens of, are eligible to vote in the UK while they are resident there. They do not have to be citizens of the UK to do so.

  30. Sarandeebiyy

    Just because somebody emigrated to a country does not make him a citizen of that country.

  31. Fareed

    Normally Commonwealth citizens names appear in the UK electoral list. I was attached to the Sri Lanka High Commission in London for four years and one day I found a ballot paper posted to me for a Municipal Election and later for the General Election somewhere in 2002.

  32. Percy Mandawala

    Ivan Amerasinghe is correct if he has the UK Permanent Residency Status stamp in his Srilanlankan passport. Otherwise he has to face the music. If you have the Pernanent Residency Status in UK , you have the voting rights

  33. Menik

    Sorry Austria not Australia.

    Ivan Amarasinghe’s case is better compare to an Ambassador appointed to Austria in 90s. This scanala’s Ambassador has sold all the furniture and other materials belong to his land lord and escaped from Austria. The lady tried her best to bring him back to Austria, but the SL protect this Great House Robberer. This is caliber of so called Lanka amabassador.

  34. Sri Lankan

    We as SLankans in Vietnam, Are very shocked & humiliated at the article published in the said newspaper.As law abide citizens of SLanka we stand by Dr,Ivan Amarasinghe.We are proud to have him as our Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Vietnam.He’s well educated, honest to his heart, very humane & well reputed character among the Diplomatic circle and the local authourities.As we all know he’s a born SRI LANKAN and says that even during long stay in the UK, he kept his Sri Lankan citizenship & passport without getting a British Passport even when offered by the British Home Office on many occasions.
    How can a Sri Lankan paper slander one of it’s own kind without the facts?We need to give repute to our own kith and kin…..and serve our nation in good honor than waste time degrading people!Wake up!!!!

  35. CheeLanka

    There is no need to protect charlatans and crooks just because they are Sri Lankans. In fact, we should be ASHAMED of them! All that the Sunday Leader has done is the expose something fishy. If this Glorious Ambassador is so innocent as his anonymous defenders claim, all he has to do is to prove his innocence.

    It is VERY INERESTING that the Ministry of External Affairs has been very silent over this affair. Surely, they have all the facts and can clear the air and the good name of the good doctor?

    Gullible Sri Lankans, when will you realize that everything is not what it seems in their Land Like No Other?

  36. dagobert

    Now, is Raisa after sensationalism ?
    A story to be submitted fit for an award ??

  37. LankanS

    Sri Lankan style governess is being exported at overseas missions. Soon we will have H.E. Anurudha Ratwattas , the mass murderer of innocent civilians and master frauster appointed to represent my little paradise island.

  38. CW

    Hamlet, What about SL Army Generals having Green Cards in US? To all these Pundits who made commnets on this page raising questions about Mr Amarasinghe’s citizenship, you all got caught pants down including the “Journalist” who wrote this garbage. You do not need to be a UK citizen to have voting rights in the UK..

  39. Dilshan

    People who make comments on this site is as partial as the site it self, how conveniently they ignore the fact that you don’t need to be a UK citizen to be on their electoral list. I’m just here for entertainment. there is a certain thrill in listening to a bunch of losers crying foul at the top of their lungs.

  40. Palitha PK

    You think Ivan Amarasinghe’s case is classic? Hello, Raisa Wickrematunge, if you get some time do a good investigation on our Ambassador for USA and the present Consul General in Los Angeles. You will have to jump some hurdles before you get into the truth due to their relationship with the very top. Some of the horror stories that I have heard from USA is unbelievable. Few years back, the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Washington introducing himself faxed a circulation to the Counsel General’s offices in Los Angeles stating he was an American Citizen. Immediately after he understood the mistake he re-faxed the same letter stating, Sri Lankan Citizen. He never gave up his American Citizenship before taking over his post in Washington. Also he was married to an American Citizen who had never visited Sri Lanka. This is a gross violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which became effective as part of the federal law in 1972, governs diplomatic immunity by granting various degrees of immunity from civil and criminal liability to the members of diplomatic missions.

  41. Sri Lankan - not in Vietnam

    Raisa tells two important things: 1. Dr. Amarasinghe migrated to UK in 1973. 2. When tried to contact him, he was not ready to talk to the Sunday Leader.

    Being in the UK voters’ list is only a circumstantial evidence casting doubts on his citizenship. As a respected gentleman, he should be ready to clarify this doubt. Hiding away from journalists itself proves that he is not genuine. But if he is UK citizen, it is a case for the Scotland Yard and we cannot expect our corrupted system to dig into this matter.

    Since he has taken up this position in Vietnam at an old age, his all intension must be monetary benifits and he may try to rob the Embassy itself. The foreign ministry should take extra care on his activities as he may ruin the good relation between Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

  42. sam

    Please do some research before dishing out garbage.
    In UK any commonwealth citizen can vote, if the person resides in UK.
    According to UK legislations commonwealth citizen residing in UK has to register to vote and can an vote in any UK elections, without been a citizen.

  43. Eric Makawitage

    The Sri Lanka Embassy in Geneva has a receptionist who does not speak even one of the national languages. When Sri Lankans call the Embassy they are ridiculed and asked to speak english or french!!! What a state of affairs!!!

  44. Desha Premi

    This is the same govt who cried out loud that General Fonseka was not registered as a voter and hence cannot run for presidency?

    All cockeyed stories and ethics by the MR govt. !!!

  45. Rajkumar

    Wish Sunday leader did thier homework before putting out this story and expose their stupidity. In UK, you dont have to be a citizen to vote, or even contest in an election. The law margret thatcher passed in the 80s, allows a citizen of a commonwealth country who resides (even on a visitors visa) in UK for more than 6 mnths, is supposed to pay poll tax, and be eligible to vote, and stand in election.
    Better do you homework, and study the facts before making fools of youself.

  46. Sarath

    As the article states right at the beginning “Being an ambassador necessitates being a symbol of sorts of the country you represent”. So that is exactly what this guy is doing. He is just another law breaker from among a bunch of law breakers. What’s the big surprise.

    But I encourages those who have the relevant details to forward them the the Sri Lankan and British authorities so that they have find the best way to sweep them under the rug.

  47. Kushini Kullekarandi

    Career diplomats should be taught a lesson and their monopoly on our diplomatic corps, which is the main reason for its inefficiency has to be rooted out. Good calibre political appointments with suitable and trustable people is the only way.

    • Rekha Medawake

      The first thing we need to do is kick Ivan out and bring in a so-called “good calibre” political appointment. Of course that would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
      Ivan is a fraud as are so many other Mahinda Rajapakse political appointees.

  48. Prema de Silva

    Lankan S speaks the truth. Sri Lanka is going backwards day by day becaue of all the corruption. Kudos to Raisa for her article and to Sunday Leader for exposing all these fraudsters. Jayawewa Sunday Leader. Our Diplomutts are a joke and the jokers are all stooges who have been appointed as the good diplomats are just pushed out and not even considered for a position in our Emabssys and the same goes for the staff as well. We have all the “not potts” answering phones and not being able to converse in ENGLISH in western countries and they are a joke. Our KING is living in a DREAM WORLD!! It wont last for much longer i think.

  49. Vietnamese

    this ambassodor is a just a business minded man, he just want to earn money while being in the post, he has some sri lankan associates who are supporting him in Vietnam. They are all heavy drinkers and womenisers.

    i heard he has lot of business interests in Vietnam !

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